CloudTeams Workshop in Athens

Product Management in Software Engineering: from Theory to Practice

Feb 21

On Tuesday 16/2/2017 CloudTeams organized a workshop in Athens under the title “Product Management in Software Engineering: from Theory to Practice”, co-organized by Singular Logic and NTUA. Our goal was to present the official launch of CloudTeams together with the draft version of the “CloudTeams Playbook”; this document will include the CloudTeams methodology together with a hands-on guide to the Platform, and practical knowledge from practicing the role of the Product Manager (PM). Any feedback collected will be integrated into the final release of the Playbook, which will be announced by a blog post that will follow in

The agenda (see picture below) included initial presentation where the whole discussion should be based, and then each presentation analyzed in each step how the CloudTeams methodology may be implemented in action, using either the CloudTeams platform or any other tool on software engineering. Iosif Alvertis presented the CloudTeams methodology, Dimitris Papaspyros presented how a PM may setup a campaign to validate an early idea, and Giannis Ledakis presented how a Software Team can use different tools in the CloudTeams platform to collaborate both with external tools and with internal ones. Then, Desquared presented how Personas (i.e. which may be extracted from CloudTeams) can be used in UX designing, SourceLair presented as a tool to speed up team collaboration on code authoring. GRTB presented how different steps of software testing and verification can be certified through different courses provided by the international organization ISQTB, and Ubitech presented how PaaSport (i.e. with a connector to CloudTeams platform) may be used by a PM to monitor the project’s status and facilitate product deployment. The idea was to allow participants to see the theory of managing the business requirements, contacting the customers and running the business analysis with the help of CloudTeams platform, and then realize how many different tools the software team should use to develop “proper” software, and recognize in which points and ways the team may collaborate during code authoring and testing (i.e. where CloudTeams platform cannot contribute in the process). So, for participants and prospective or existing PMs, these steps are not a “black box” anymore.

Overall, 50 people were registered and about 30 attended, while through an online form they were engaged for the last session of “Open Table Discussion”. The CloudTeams platform triggered participants’ interest, and the methodology emerged many practical questions, especially on how a traditional organization could change its mindset and adopt Agile techniques described in the methodology. Additionally, it became clear that even if the presentations of software tools were intriguing, PMs show more interest in their own methodologies and tools; most of the cases they collaborate with a Technical Manager who handles “low-level” decisions on the implementation phase. All this feedback allowed us to improve the relevant structure of the CloudTeams Playbook, which will be also circulated to all the participants of the workshop directly to collect their comments and input on the finalized methodology.

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This project is co-funded by The European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation – Horizon 2020, under Grant Agreement No: 644617. Action full title: ‘Collaborative Software Development Framework based on Trusted, Secure Cloud-based Pool of Users’.


Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology

Project Coordinator
Prof. Wolfgang Prinz, PhD